February 12, 2018

Game Lecture Series: Better living through game design - Coline Pannier

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16th Febraury 2018 @ 18h00 @ Institute of Digital Games - University of Malta

Game Lectures are held approximately once a month at the IDG and are public, open, free events on weekday evenings which bring together academics, practitioners and enthusiasts with a common love for games of any type: digital, analog, urban, free-form, etc.

About the talk:

Human existence is a game that is poorly designed. We struggle to get by, suffer a lot, destroy the planet, and in the end... we die.

Every day brings its share of bad news and warns us that we are on the brink of extinction. But what if we got it all wrong? What if we could turn it around?

Drawing from headstrong experiments in applied game design, Coline will take us on a collective journey through morality, hyperconnectedness, music and the meaning of life. A message of hope at the age of anxiety, and a rallying cry for the reconquest of our true freedom.

About Coline:

Coline is an entrepreneur and game producer. She helped create the international training Academies at Ubisoft. After moving to Amsterdam, she worked in mobile development and co-founded inaloop games, a startup exploring circular business models for board games.

Passionate about education, she also taught production management at the Breda University of Applied Sciences. She is now consulting on team organisation and game design thinking, spreading the passionate spirit of game development all around the world.