April 6, 2016

Game Lecture: Michelle Westerlaken

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In our next Game Lecture, Michelle Westerlaken will be discussing her work on the design and implementation of games for animals. The lecture is on Tuesday 12th of April 2016 at 7:00 pm, and is held at the Institute of Digital Games.

The topic and summary of this Game Lecture follows:

"Designing games and playful interactions for - and with - animals"

Playful encounters between animals and humans are nothing new. However, the field of game/play design for animals only emerged recently. In this talk, Michelle Westerlaken, PhD candidate in interaction/game design at Malmö University (Sweden), will try to win your interest in designing playful artefacts for - and with - other species. By discussing recent examples and sharing what she learned from her own projects that include cats, dogs, and ants, she hopes to inspire you to start thinking about the potential of this exciting research and design field.